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ARTWORK ONLY - For people interested in a downloadable file only and not printed on clothing.


Please read all of the information below before placing your order.


Once your order is placed you can email your image request to


  •  Up to 5 figures included in the price. Additional figures can be purchased if desired 


  • Backgrounds will not be included in final illustration. Line art is a form of minimalistic art and only the main subject(s) will be illustrated


  • Intricate patterns on clothing will not be included on illustrations.


  • Pets: Please confirm if you would like just the face or whole body. If body is cropped, illustration will be cropped at the same spot.


  • Up to 2 modification requests. Modifications are as followed: - hair altered: Can create messy bun or ponytail, or down. (basically the opposite of what the hair in the photo looks like)


  • Removal of glasses - removal of individuals in group shots - add a requested shape in the background (circle, triangle or diamond)


Please be clear in the email what the main subject for the line art illustration.


Once the design has been approved it will be sent by email to download


Line art done by Diamond Light Photogrpahy 

Custom Line Art -Artwork ONLY

  • Custom orders are non refundable 

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