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Lazy Girl Accessorizing For Fall!

Three simple steps to brighten your fall wardrobe for all you lazy ladies! 1. Lipstick Okay girl, we know you have exams and you have been up all night "studying" (*cough watching Netflix*) and you looked like a drown rat when you woke up this morning. We feel you. Now you've found yourself wearing the most boring clothes because you haven't had time to do your laundry. You've managed to throw your hair in a ponytail and you look like you've tried every drug in the world. Great. Well guess what sugar, all you need is some red lipstick to look alive! Trust me, it's that simple. Wearing red lipstick will brighten your look instantly no matter what you are wearing. It makes you look like you actually put in an effort when getting ready this morning.

Melissa Ronson. Shannon McCabe Photography 2. Scarves

Not only will a scarf liven up your wardrobe, but it will also keep you warm. Score! You can literally wear jeans and a t-shirt and by simply adding a scarf, you will look like you’re ready for life (key words being “look like”). Two of my favorite styles of scarves are:

A. Infinity scarf – Super easy to put on and it will keep your neck warm. Gives you the options of wearing it long or short.

B. Blanket scarves – It even sounds amazing. You can simply wrap it around your neck or torso and it’s the perfect accessory for fall. Also lets face it, if you're one of those people who need a bib, but don’t use one and end up with food all over your shirt during work.....wrap that blanket scarf over you and you’re good to go! You animal!

Mallory Antone. Shannon McCabe Photography

Sara Haney. Shannon McCabe Photography

3. Leggings This one is kind of obvious. Every girl should own at least one pair of black leggings….or ten. They will go with just about any and everything you wear. That being said, remember that they are not pants, respect the people behind you and don’t show them your booty. Thank you. Leggings are a fun and easy way to add some spice to your life. Rocking patterned leggings with a solid color sweater dresses or a long shirt will create the illusion that you know what fashion is ;)

Stephanie Brannagian, Jenny Cowley, Jessica Stuber, Courtney Thwaites, Brikena G.J Q. Shannon McCabe Photography

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