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Model Spotlight - Gabie Nestor

For the next few weeks we will be doing model shout outs! Next up we have:

GABIE NESTOR A bit about yourself: I do vocals in a punk band, I'm hoping to become a tattoo apprentice after school, and my Weiner dog means more than anything to me.

Where are you from: I was born and raised in London.

What do you do: I'm going to school for fine arts and I'm a stylist at a fashion boutique.

Biggest pet peeve: When people don't practice basic manners.

Favorite candy: Pop Rocks.

Biggest accomplishment: Gaining positive recognition though my music.

What is your favorite part about modeling: I love walking a runway and confidently feeling my impression on the audience.

Favorite song at the moment: Spectre by Radiohead.

Photos by Shannon McCabe Photography

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