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Mother's Day Shout out - Lisa Burman

This week on the blog we will be featuring our moms for Mother's Day!

Here's what Lisa Burman had to say about her mom:

Favorite Memory w. My mom - I don't even know because everyday has been a memory with her... like dancing in the living room together or fighting over who gets the biggest chocolate chip cookie :) One of my all time favorite memories though would be when I was driving her and I in the states on a road that was super busy with high speed! We weren't used to the driving down there and her expression on her face as I was behind the wheel was hilarious! We got home safe thank The Lord.

Favorite Thing About Her - I have to say that my mom is one of the hippest ladies I know! Her sense of humor and all around live in the moment personality is something I love.

Best Lesson She Ever Taught Me - I am still learning from her even though I don't always tell her that lol but I would say that she ha always had a way of making me believe that the sun will shine again. Next to Jesus, She's been my rock in my hardest times in life and she always has a way of reminding me that seasons with storms don't last forever.

Something You Would Like To Tell Her - Mom, I just want you to know I love

you! Life has been quite a journey the last 28 years filled with high's and lows, laughter and tears. But if I look back at everything, you've always been there for me and you've never left me when I've needed you most. Thank you for being a mother that I know I can come to with anything and even though we can have our disagreements...I realize that as a woman becomes older, she needs her mom more and more. Not because she needs to be babied...even though I will always be your little Lou, but because I need you as my bestfriend. I thank God for you mom and all that you are and will forever be to me.

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