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Mother's Day Shout out - Amy Stevenson

This week on the blog we will be featuring our moms for Mother's Day!

Here's what Amy Stevenson had to say about her mom:

Favorite memory with your mom:

How do you pick just one??? I always remember making sugar cookies with my Mom. We always set aside a small lump of dough for 'tasting' because who doesn't love cookie dough?! Another one of my favourite memories is when I was going through some rough stuff in high school and she took me out to McDonalds and we just talked. She listened, loved, gave advice and prayed for me. I'm thankful to have a Mom who was and still is always there in the good times and bad.

Favorite thing about her:

Again, it's hard to pick just ONE favourite thing about my Mom! But if I have to pick, it is that my Mom is REAL. She is the first to admit when she is wrong, or struggling with something. She is always encouraging me and telling me how proud she is of me as a woman and a mother. There is no guessing with my Mom, she is completely transparent and I really appreciate that about her. She doesn't pretend she is something she isn't, and who she is amazes me.

Best lesson she ever taught to you:

I am tearing up as I write this. The best lesson she ever taught me was when she said this to me; "Hurting people hurt people". This completely changed my perspective on so many people and situations in life! This simple phrase has taught me to have patience with people and how to empathize rather than become defensive. Once you let this sink in, it really changes you. I'm so thankful for that lesson.

Something you would like to tell her:

Mom, I am thankful each and every day for who you are, what you have done for me, and what you have taught me. As I have really just begun my own journey of motherhood, I am so thankful for the example you set for me. I find myself using so many of the words and phrases you said to me as a child, that I really didn't fully understand until now. Thank you for always being real and honest. Thank you for the spiritual example you set for us. Your love and passion for the Lord is infectious. It is another thing that you were always real about too. I appreciate the way you shared your own personal struggles, shortcomings, failures and successes in your personal walk with the Lord. It is such a blessing for my children to have the spiritual heritage that they do because of your faithfulness. One more thing, thanks for always letting me do whatever I wanted to do to my hair, even if it was a terrible idea in retrospect! I always had the coolest Mom for letting me have all those wild hairdo's.

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