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Mother's Day Shout out - Jessica Stuber

This week on the blog we will be featuring our moms for Mother's Day!

Here's what Jessica Stuber had to say about her mom:

Happy Mother’s Day Brenda Stuber Love: Jessica Stuber Favorite memory with your mom:

My favourite memories with my mother are the ones filled with new experiences and places. Growing up I remember going camping on a regular basis to different parks. My favourite place we’ve gone to is Florida and visiting all of the amusement parks. Each day was filled with anticipation and spontaneity, but the best times were spent walking on the beach collecting sea shells. Thank you for always filling my life with one adventure after another.

Favorite thing about her:

There are countless remarkable qualities about my mother. She is one of the most charismatic people I know. She inspires me to strive to step out of my shell and put myself out there. She is the strongest woman I know and overcomes any obstacles life puts in her way. Courage, optimism and ambition are just a few attributes she displays proudly and seemingly effortlessly on a daily basis. Every daughter aspires to make their parents proud. Not only am I proud to be her daughter, but I am also truly, deeply proud of my mother.

Best lesson she ever taught to you:

I think the best lesson my mother taught me was how to appreciate myself. I learned the importance of self love, self care, and the importance of putting yourself first sometimes. She also taught me it’s not selfish to feel proud of yourself and to remember to celebrate your successes.

Something you would like to tell her:

I know it seems cliché but I can never thank you enough for always being there for me. I cannot imagine the difficulties of parenting and I know I was not always in a good place. You had the toughest job of all and you don’t get enough recognition for your determination and care. You were always there to stand by my side when no one else was. I feel as though I can never give up or lose hope because I always have someone cheering me on. Thank you for always being my number one fan. I love you! Happy Mothers Day! XOXO

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