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Harem Grow With Me Pants!

Hey Girl! You know how we keep our scrap fabrics and recycle them to make kids clothes?! Oh you didn't? Well now you do!! We decided to make some super cute grow with me harem pants. for babies! Wait what are harem pants?! They are full, loose-fitting pants made of a soft material that is gathered in closely at the ankle or lower leg! Think of MC Hammer pants ;)

These pants are super stretchy and extra stylish! Your little ones can wear them from ages new born to 6 months.....what!! You can easily roll down or up the waistband and leg cuffs to fit their size!

Check out how they work,

This is them in full size and rolled out. Pretty cute right? Right.

This shows you how they look when the waistband and leg cuffs are rolled!

The harem style (drop crotch) is great for diapers, as they give your babe lots of room! Here;s a few prints, check out more under our baby section!

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