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Eveylnn Loves Big Brother!

Hello lovers! Today's post is all about Big Brother! How cool would it be if I told you Big Brother celebrities rocked EvelynnBNS?! Well they do, and they love us! Check out Cassandra Shahinfar from BB Canada 4! She’s rocking the hell out of our dress. How sassy right?

Here’s Loveita Adams also from BB Canada 4! This dress was one of a kind and made specifically for her. Cute!

Now here’s our girl Meg Maley from BB US 17!! She just LOVES our two piece dresses! Well duh, they look fantastic on her.

Megs side kick, James Juling, also from BB US 17! He got a dress for his cute daughter.

You might remember Heather Decksheimer from Big Brother Canada 2! She got 3 Evelynn dresses. And also Big Brother US winner Derrick Levasseur! Like James, he also got a dress for his little one! (No photos to show)

Neat right? Right.

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