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One Year Anniversary!

WOW! I can't believe its been a whole year since we launched our online store!! What an incredible year it has been, we are so blessed! Never did we think we would be so lucky to wake up every morning and live our dream. We get to do this because of our incredible customers and supporters! Evelynn is more than just a clothing line, it is a community of people brought together for the love of fashion, friendship and support. The people that work with the EV team are some of the most amazing people we have ever met. They support one another like you wouldn't believe. We met the most wonderful people this year through our brand, whether they were customers or models! Some of our customers even became our models! We also had a very first intern with us for a few months! Here's a look back at some of our favorite moments,

Our launch photo shoot!

Jessica's wedding - We made all her bridesmaids dresses!

This photo tho!

Ev shoots <3

Whoa! Mama Fashion show!

Our booth at the event!

Meeting Meriel - The Abby Fund

Blenheim pop up shop!

Rag Bag Bazzar

Out spring shoot!

Partnering with Make A Wish Southwestern ON

This makes me happy!

Women's charity fashion show!

Out big brother supporters!

Launch of our kids line!

The Next Step actress rocking some Evelynn!

London's Baby expo

Dancing with the Stars St.Thomas event we made dresses for!

EV Christmas party!

Ev Float in Blenheim Christmas parade

Lindsey's wedding - bridesmaids dresses we made

Emma babes!

Unbound collection!

Abby's wedding - We made all her bridesmaids dresses and her flower girls!

Abby Fund fashion show - Fav show!

We raised almost 5 thousand for the Abby Fund!

Sara's wedding! - We made all her bridesmaids dresses and her flower girl dress!

Robes we made for Sara's wedding- Printed ones

Ladies night out charity fashion show!

Abby Fund Fashion Show

Intern Ally and the dress she designed!

Launch of our men's line!

Unbound magazine


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