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Who Is The Lady Behind The Threads?

It’s time we get to know the lady who makes your clothes! Designer Nicole was born and raised in the super small town of Blenheim, ON.

She is 24 years young and believes everything happens for a reason. She thinks you can learn something from every person you meet.

She picked up her dream of design at a young age, when her aunt gave her a colouring designer game. She quickly became obsessed with it.

When Nicole embarked on her journey with Ev, she did it with only $100. Every dress she sold she put those earnings right back into the business.

When she was in high school, she made her prom dress out of duct tape.

She attended the Fanshawe College Fashion Design program and graduated class of 2012.

Nicole is the fairy Godmother behind The Abby Fund, where she volunteers her time to bring dream dresses and superhero capes to life for sick children.

Nicole has 3 sisters, Brittany, Mackenzie and Mikaela

Nicole has five tattoos! She has “Rest Easy L.Bellamy” on her shoulder for her grandfather. A mustache on her finger, because she’s the coolest and a self-portrait of herself on her back. Nicole also has “Mom” and “Dad” on her feet, to remind her they are with her every step of the way.

Nicole is a dreamer, a believer and a doer.

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