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Who Is Nicole?

We asked the owner and designer of Ev questions about herself! Check out what Nicole had to say:

How old were you when you started your business? I was 21! Wow that’s crazy to think about. Although It wasn't until I was about 24 that I took it seriously and actually registered my business.

Why did you call your business Evelynn? It is my grandmothers name! She has been a huge part of my life. Grandma Ev is 79 Years young and still models for me! What inspires you the most?

Colors and prints! I love seeing a pattern and then coming up with a design for it. I also love different textures.

Why did you name your soon to be not for profit The Abby Fund? I had a girls collection called Abby Girl and when I came up with the idea for The Abby Fund, it was named after that! However originally the name came from my grandfather, Albert.

What is your biggest aspiration? I’d love to grow The Abby Fund into a world renowned not for profit organization.

What is your favorite movie? The Intern! I could watch this every single day and never get sick of it. Do you have a favorite food? Hmmm, I LOVE chocolate – lately white chocolate and I also love cheese! But not together.

Coffee or Tea? Hot chocolate! Haha. I don’t drink coffee at all and will drink tea sometimes – herbal only though.

What drives you crazy? I get anxiety when I am late. I also don’t like it when other people are late – without valid reason. I was always taught that 15 minutes early was on time and on time was late. I also don’t like negative people, cocky people, people who only look out for themselves and Teletubbies.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? In all honesty I've come to love myself over the past couple of years....The good and the bad. Of course I am constantly working on myself because there is always room for improvement but, I think spending a lot of time by myself on my sewing machine really helped me find myself!

What are some random facts about you? My knees are very ticklish, my right hand shakes a lot, I am bionic, I don’t drink alcohol, I believe in karma, and I love going to bed at 9PM.

What is your biggest fear? I have a couple. One would be not being able to have my own children one day - due to my medical issues. Another would be hurting someone - like in a car accident. And lastly, if Lindt stopped making white chocolate bars, I would be devestaded.

Who do you look up to?

Ellen Degeneres! Duh! Meeting her would be such a blessing.

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