Holiday Shoot - BTS

Hey girl! Do you ever worry about showing up to a party or event and having the same outfit as someone else? Then all night you're wondering how many people are playing the "who wore it better" game. Now you don't have to! Evelynn will be launching the holiday collection very soon! The Ev team had a blast working with Shannon McCabe Photography again today! From sequins to sparkles, we were covered in glitter! What better way to start off your Saturday!? Here are some behind the scenes shots, courtesy of our designer:

Raising Evelynn

The music starts, the stage brightens, and the first model strides into the spotlight. As the audience enjoys the show, the designer watches from the wings. The weeks of preparation are finally paying off. By working from the moment her eyes open in the morning until her head hits the pillow at night, Nicole Snobelen is making her dreams come true. The 24-year-old designer behind the fashion line Evelynn has been working in her London, Ontario apartment designing dresses full-time for 2 years. She would make and wear her own clothes, hoping to attract customers for her unique designs when she worked at The London Tap House, a bar in London, later renamed Hideaway. Many of the other staff an

What is Evelynn made of?

Evelynn is more than just a fashion line! Evelynn is a team of women from all different industries working together to empower one another and build an incredible brand that people want to be a part of. The women who work for Evelynn are handpicked to represent the brand based off their personality, kindness and passion. From hair stylists, make-up artists, models, photographers, videographers, fashion bloggers and designers, we all work together to inspire one another. A wise person knows there is something to learn from everyone you meet. The smartest thing we have done was hire talented people and stepped out of their way. We surround ourselves with the dreamers and the doers and toge

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