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Bridal Brunch

A few weeks ago, we collaborated with some amazing local businesses and did a bridal brunch themed photo shoot, with Diamond Studios! We had such a blast working with everyone and LOVE how the photos turned out! I personally love collaborating with other small businesses, it's a perfect way to help one another grow, and to support entrepreneurs in my community.

Shannon, from Diamond Studios, was the lady behind the lens for this shoot! She also helped me plan it! It's fun sharing creative ideas and then watching them come to life. Check out all the business's who collaborated with us below:

We of course supplied the robes for the shoot, and had a few different print and colour schemes for it.

Hair was done by the amazing Lisa, from Soul Shears. We have worked with Lisa many times and always love what she comes up with!

Makeup was done by Denise from The Tan Bar. Fun fact, Denise does makeup, teeth whitening and spray tans! She's a lady of many talents.

Flower bouquets and décor by Rosemary at Time 4 Flowers. We loved the beautiful flowers she used to create these and they smelled heavenly!

We had mouth watering fitters from Kelvin at The Fritter Shop. If you haven't had one of these yet, are you even living? Check him out at the Western market on weekends!

Adorable bridal themed cookies from Crystal at Crystal’s Cookie Creations. This was our first time working with Crystal and we LOVED what she created for this shoot, I mean how friggen cute are her cookies?

The most beautiful cake from Icing Flair! I was shocked when she delivered this masterpiece to us! It was so amazing.

Flavoured, and super cute cupcakes from In Your Cupcake. They were SO yummy too!! Loved them.

The cutest cake-pops from Kate’s Cake Pops! She did such an amazing job, the models loved eating them too during the shoot ;)

Some gorgeous stationary pieces from The Paper Queen Studio. She made some beautiful cupcake and cake toppers, a gift box with goodies inside, hand painted wine glasses, hangers and stationary items!

Cheers to Onset Sparkling Wine for their cans on wine. We made some yummy mimosas with it!

The prettiest hair pieces from Valerie at My Lil Tutu – Designs by Valerie. So much detail goes into these beautiful hand crafted pieces.

And of course, all of these beautiful photos were taken by the talented Shannon at Diamond Studios. We've been working with her for years and love her work!

Thank you to all involved!

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