Ev's Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey friends! Are you trying to find the perfect Mother's Day gift for a special lady in your life? You're in luck! We put together a LOCAL business showcase to help you shop. Mother's day is right around the corner, ahh!! Below you will find some pretty amazing businesses that are offering gifts/packages/services for the mother, grandmother, wife, sister, or daughter in your life. We only listed a few, so be sure to research some more local businesses too. First up we recommend ....... A matching animal set from EvelynnBNS for your mom and her furry child! www.evelynnbns.ca A variety pack of fritters from The Fritter Shop - Located at the Western Fair Market on weekends! https://www.the

OOAK by Ev - What Inspired It?

This past year I have been reading a lot of articles on how bad clothing is for the environment, and I have been feeling a bit guilty working in a industry that is contributing to pollution on such a high level. Did you know that 10.5 million tons of textile waste goes into the landfill every year? Wow! And it can take up to 200 years for certain materials to breakdown in a landfill? Insane. We started noticing how many scraps of fabrics we throw out after our dresses are cut out, and instead of discarding them we started saving them for other uses. It all really started with using left over materials for our charitable program, The Abby Fund. We would save what we could and use them fo

Bridal Brunch

A few weeks ago, we collaborated with some amazing local businesses and did a bridal brunch themed photo shoot, with Diamond Studios! We had such a blast working with everyone and LOVE how the photos turned out! I personally love collaborating with other small businesses, it's a perfect way to help one another grow, and to support entrepreneurs in my community. Shannon, from Diamond Studios, was the lady behind the lens for this shoot! She also helped me plan it! It's fun sharing creative ideas and then watching them come to life. Check out all the business's who collaborated with us below: We of course supplied the robes for the shoot, and had a few different print and colour schemes fo

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