Lazy Girl Accessorizing For Fall!

Three simple steps to brighten your fall wardrobe for all you lazy ladies! 1. Lipstick Okay girl, we know you have exams and you have been up all night "studying" (*cough watching Netflix*) and you looked like a drown rat when you woke up this morning. We feel you. Now you've found yourself wearing the most boring clothes because you haven't had time to do your laundry. You've managed to throw your hair in a ponytail and you look like you've tried every drug in the world. Great. Well guess what sugar, all you need is some red lipstick to look alive! Trust me, it's that simple. Wearing red lipstick will brighten your look instantly no matter what you are wearing. It makes you look like

The Abby Girl Experience

Where are my fashionistas at?! ​Do you have a creative little one in your life? If so we have the perfect gift for her! Send us her drawing of her dream dress and we will bring it to life! Yes, you read that correctly! All we need from you is her drawing and dress size/ measurements! You can simply scan the drawing or send a photo of it to us. We are only offering the experience to a certain amount of people. Since Christmas is right around the corner, time is of the essence! Prices vary based on the design and fabrication. Average pricing is about $40-$60, unless the design is complicated and time consuming. Here are some examples of our work! (Some photos are from our Abby Gir

Sneak Peek - Coming Soon

We have been so busy and stock has been moving quickly! Yesterday we shot some new pieces for the site! Stay tuned for their release date xx

Re-Launch Shoot With Shannon McCabe Photography

We had a blast working with Shannon McCabe Photography during our photoshoot for our re-launch! The Ev team had the amazing opportunity to shoot in a historic building downtown London, Feather Bone Place. The owners were kind enough to let us use all 4 floors of the building for the shoot and I'm sure you'll agree based on the photos, how stunning this vintage building is. Here are a couple shots:

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