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WHY Swimwear?

For the past few years I’ve felt very uncomfortable in a bathing suit and would only wear one pieces to hide my insecurities.

I have two chronic and incurable illnesses that not only changed my life, but also my body.

In 2015 I had abdominal surgery that left 3 scars on my stomach, and one of those changed the shape of my belly button. Following that, I had 4 surgeries leaving scars on my lower back and upper buttock area. And of course, I tacked on extra weight in the past couple of years, thanks to all my surgeries that left me on bed rest for weeks at a time.

I also have what's called an “Endo belly” from Endometriosis. This is where my stomach, at anytime & out of nowhere can expand so much that I look 5 months pregnant. No joke.

My scars will always remind me of my strength, but that doesn't mean I feel cute having them or that I constantly want to display them.

Though those are my insecurities, I knew other girls had similar ones!

It can be very frustrating for any girl to find a bathing suit that they are comfortable in. My scars aside, I don’t like showing off my body at the beach and feel way more comfortable being covered up.

After much thought, I finally designed a bathing suit that I feel relaxed in. Ladies, I introduce you to the start of Evelynn's swimwear line........

Photo by Diamond Studios

The bottoms are the key feature to this line. I wanted to design something that offered me as much belly coverage as possible, without being a one piece. I wanted it to look sexy, but also modest. I wanted a bottom that would cover my biggest insecurities, but also be flattering. I also wanted to create a two piece that you could mix a match. I have a medium build body, but am a bit busty, and it was almost impossible to find a suit that would fit both my bottom and chest area. With my new line, you can mix and match your tops, whether you need two different sizes or want to mix up your prints.

What I love about this vintage like style, is that it is flattering on everyone!

Our swimwear line is handmade right here in Canada, and we hope to expand into more pieces moving forward.



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