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Why Did We Launch A Scrunchie Line?

Last week we asked our followers for ideas on what to use our scrap fabrics for. As you may know or have read in a previous blog, we currently use scraps for our OOAK dress collection, OOAK scarf collection (exclusive to Unwrapped Market Place), and The Abby Fund. We needed more ideas on what else we could do, especially with the smaller scraps.

We had an overwhelming response of ideas and the front runner was scrunchies! Shocker, it’s a huge trend right now! Some of our veteran shoppers may remember we use to make scrunchies back in 2016 for this exact same reason; to help limit our fabric waste. But as you know, fashion trends are constantly changing and they were not always that popular.

Since they are trending now, it was the perfect time to go through our smaller pieces of scraps and make some scrunchies! We were also given the idea to make hair bows . This was great because there are very few things that can be made using micro scrap pieces.

We thought it would be neat to show you where some of the scrunchie fabric originated from:

You get the idea! As always we are looking for other ways to reduce our fabric waste, if you have an idea for us, let us know! xo


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