THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Wow we are so unbelievably honored to of even been nominated for this award, but the fact that we WON is so amazing!!! Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen won the "2016 Women's Fashion" award from Metroland Media's Our London Readers Choice Awards!! We were also shocked to of won runner up for Men's Fashions! We couldn't of done this without the support and generosity of our AMAZING customers and followers!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted, We are filled with so much love. Congratulations to all the amazing businesses that were nominated!! We are all winners!…/shoppi…/womens-fashions

Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya!

Welcome to twenty seventeen Ev lovers! We are so excited for the year ahead of us and can't wait to show you our new collections. Over the past year we have had an INCREDIBLE amount of love sent our way regarding our models. We pride ourselves on working with REAL women of all shapes and sizes and feel it is so important to be a body positive brand. We dedicated to do some research. We found that some brands charge extra money for larger sizes or they will have a separate collection for only 'plus size' women. To us, that is NOT cool. Women should be able to walk into a store and shop without feeling judged by the size tag on a dress. Of course certain styles do not work for every body sha

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