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Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya!

Welcome to twenty seventeen Ev lovers! We are so excited for the year ahead of us and can't wait to show you our new collections. Over the past year we have had an INCREDIBLE amount of love sent our way regarding our models. We pride ourselves on working with REAL women of all shapes and sizes and feel it is so important to be a body positive brand.

We dedicated to do some research. We found that some brands charge extra money for larger sizes or they will have a separate collection for only 'plus size' women. To us, that is NOT cool. Women should be able to walk into a store and shop without feeling judged by the size tag on a dress. Of course certain styles do not work for every body shape, but last time we checked it's a free country! Wear what makes you happy. This also goes for women who are taller, shorter and more petite. Evelynn wanted to show you what some of our dresses look like on different body shapes. This is one of our classic designs, The London Dress. It's really all about how you style it.

Diamond Studios - Featherbone Place

This dress/shirt is so easy to style, the options are endless!

Diamond Studios - Featherbone Place

Urgh, both these ladies are KILLING this look!

Diamond Studios - Featherbone Place

Okay last one! We sold out of this dress in every size! Stay tuned for spring version.

Diamond Studios - Featherbone Place

Here at Evelynn, we want you to LOVE your body, show off your curves and be comfortable while doing it!

Much love, Nicole Snobelen

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