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Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen Feature

Nicole Snobelen is a talented fashion designer and young entrepreneur. She possesses all the qualities of a successful visionary and business owner. Originally from Blenheim, Ontario, she decided she wanted to make a big move to a large city and pursue her dreams of being a designer. Since attending Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, she has built a successful Canadian Clothing line centered around empowering women, being socially conscious, and fashion forward!

In 2014, I began promotional modeling for Clinique. With lots of encouragement from my manager and mentors at the boutique marketing agency I worked at, I began pursuing other modeling opportunities. Soon, I found Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen, a local fashion brand that my friends started shopping at. I became so excited and applied right away using the new headshots I had taken with my friend, Thea Loo Photography, in June. Nicole Snoblen and her team loved my look and I began modeling for the wonderfully talented designer, behind the label.

My favourite part about modeling for Evelynn is how many friends and professional connections I have made. Another benefit is how much I learn from Nicole, both personally and professionally. I have had the privilege of witnessing how much the business has grown in just over a year’s time.

Even though I currently reside in Toronto to attend Seneca College for Business Administration- Marketing, I am able to be as involved with Evelynn as possible and interact with Nicole and other staff members. Nicole enthusiastically accepted to be a part of the entrepreneurship assignment and I promptly prepared questions last week. The next day I sent her some preliminary questions to preface our interview. The following Friday (November 20th, 2015), we had a skype interview where I was able to clarify and expand on the topics we had discussed such as the six environments. Speaking with Nicole Snobelen about her business gave me new insight in to something I thought I already knew a lot about, given that I’m a friend of hers and have been modeling with Evelynn for over one year. I’m feeling more inspired about entrepreneurship as a potential career avenue because despite the challenges, it is very rewarding both personally and professionally. You can support yourself with a dream.“Dream. Believe. Inspire”.

Nicole Snobelen, pictured farthest left. Melissa Ronson, pictured farthest right

Shannon McCabe Photography

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