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Nicole's Year In Review! 2015

2015 has been the best year of my life, easily! I am truly so blessed to have the people and the support I do in my life. I kicked the year off by starting my own organization, The Abby Girl Fund! I have so much passion for this project! I volunteer my time to meet with sick children and bring their dream dresses to life! During spring I held my very first solo fashion show with Evelynn in my hometown, where I successfully raised close to 5 thousand dollars for the AGF! Such an amazing fashion show and so much hometown support! Between my Evelynn line and the Abby Girl Fund, I was featured in 8 newspaper and radio articles! As well as a story on City News Toronto! I had the honor of designing dresses for 6 of the cast members from The Family Channels- The Next Step TV show! Such a cool experience meeting with them and working with them to design some dresses! I also had the pleasure of designing and creating 12 bridesmaids dresses, which was a big step for me as I’ve never done that before! My best friend had a beautiful baby girl, Mckenna! I was asked to be her God Mother! This was easily the highlight of my year. I was accepted into an amazing business program where I was given a government grant to further my dreams with Evelynn. I officially registered my business and got my Master Business License! I launched my very own online store just before the fall and have been busier than ever with my business.

I participated in 9 fashion shows and designed a dress to be featured on a children’s book that was published!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge Big Brother Fan! Meg Maley from BB- US rocked an Evelynn dress in NYC and James Juling from Big Brother also got a dress for his daughter!! James did an official shout out to me on his Instagram page! I found out my friends are really good liars! They threw me an awesome surprise party for my 24th birthday! So grateful!!

Lastly I had the pleasure of having a float in the Blenheim Christmas Parade which has always been a small dream of mine! I could not have done half the things without the support of my family and my friends! I am beyond grateful for the new friends I have made this year and the opportunities that keep coming my way! Be kind to one another, work hard for what you want and give back to those in need when you can! I am living proof that dreams do come true when you put your mind to it! Thank you to all my customers for all the support and thank you to my Ev team!

Happy New Year! xo Nicole

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