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EV's V-Day Dress Picks!

Valentine's day is right around the corner. Most people either hate this day or love it. Let's be honest, we love it! The idea of getting all dressed up and spending time with your love one or your best friend sounds amazing!

The real question is, do you have the dress that will blow your lover away?! Here's some ideas that won't break the bank:

The Missisuga Dress - $70.00 - comes in a few different colors!

The Essex Dress - $60.00

The Prince Edward Dress- $60.00

The York Dress- $65.00

The Kingston Dress- $65.00 Also comes in Burgundy

The Grand-Bend Set - $65.00

The North Bay Dress- $55.00

The London Dress - $60.00

All dresses and more can be found at



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