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Model Spotlight - Melissa Ronson

For the next few weeks we will be doing model shout outs! Next up we have:

MELISSA RONSON A bit about yourself :I love being involved in the fashion and beauty industries. I enjoy wine nights with my friends and talking about business. When I’m stressed out I eat an unhealthy amount of waffles and pancakes (usually covered in Nutella).

Where are you from: Born and raised in London and living in Toronto.

What do you do: I go to school for Business Admin- Marketing. One day, I want to be a Brand Manager for a cosmetic company!

Biggest pet peeve: Poorly kept eyebrows.

Favorite candy: Ferrero Rocher.

Biggest accomplishment: Participating in a national marketing competition, in Montreal.

What is your favorite part about modeling: I enjoy the artistry of beautiful images and the confidence modeling gives me.

Favorite song at the moment:What The Water Gave Me by Florence + The Machine.

Photos by Shannon McCabe Photography

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