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Model Spotlight - Rachel Walker

For the next few weeks we will be doing model shout outs! Next up we have:


A bit about yourself : I am a mother to a beautiful little boy named Atticus, artist & lover of life. I own strange pets from a tarantula, to rats to snakes. Art is my passion, I love to read, LOVE modelling for Evelynn, I love fishing, baseball, volleyball, and just being outdoors.

Where are you from: A little village called "Centralia"

What do you do: Artist

Biggest pet peeve: When Tim Hortons screws up your order & you're too far away to go back lol

Favorite candy: Favourite candy? ALL OF THEM. but....tangy zangy's & crunchie bars.

Biggest accomplishment: Hands down, being a mother & achieving my childhood dreams of modelling and making art for other people.

Favorite song at the moment: Last Hope - Paramore

Photos by Shannon McCabe Photography

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