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Designer Spotlight - Nicole Snobelen

For the next few weeks we will be doing shout outs! Next up we have designer,


A bit about yourself : I became an entrepreneur at the age of 21, I started Evelynn with $100 in my pocket & no business background, I think you can learn something from everyone you meet and being kind never goes out of style.

Where are you from: The small town of Blenheim, On

What do you do: I am the owner and desinger of Evelynn & the founder of The Abby Girl Fund.

Biggest pet peeve: People who are late and hypocrites!

Favorite candy: Chocolate is everything!

Biggest accomplishment: I have quite a few I’m super proud of but, overall I would say believing in myself, starting my company and watching it grow over the years. I am also proud of what I’ve done with the Abby Girl Fund, the joy I feel from this project is unexplainable!

What is your favorite part about Designing : Fashion is my art, I love creating things that make people look and feel good in! I love seeing my designs walk up and down a runway!

Favorite song at the moment: Daya - Hide Away

Photos by Shannon McCabe Photography

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