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Model Spotlight - Brikena GJ. Q

For the next few weeks we will be doing model shout outs! Next up we have:


A bit about yourself : My name is Brikena. I love to perform and direct shows-- the stage is my home! My biggest goal in life is to make a positive difference in the world, sounds cheesey, but I'm very serious about accomplishing this goal.

Where are you from: I'm from the Republic of Kosovo in Europe. I came to Canada because of a war in the Former Yugoslavia.

What do you do: I graduated with an Honours Specialization in Criminology and Psychology, and I plan to go to Law School/ Grad School in the near future. I currently work as a teaching assistant and take pride in making sure my students love to learn. I know... I know, #nerdalert haha.

Biggest pet peeve: I have a lot of pet peeves, so this is a hard question for me to answer. I guess my two biggest pet peeves would be 1) people who don't keep their word, and 2) people who don't try to the best of their ability, and are merely satisfied with a mediocre version of themselves (there's always room for improvement and you should always do your best).

Favorite candy: Is chocolate considered a candy? If so, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! I'm eating some as we speak, is it obvious?

Biggest accomplishment: I would say that my biggest accomplishment would probably be when I won two academic scholarships that resulted in graduating from university completely debt free. I was in my friend's dorm room, crying tears of joy when I received the news. I encourage all women to take their education seriously, you are all more than just a pretty face.

What is your favorite part about modeling: My favourite part about modelling with EV is that I get to meet so many amazing business minded and creative women who can do it all. I love surrounding myself with women who encourage other women to succeed and who empower other women both on and off stage. Nicole is a beautiful person inside and out, and her clothing represents all women; every clothing line has a duty to represent all women; all women deserve to feel included and beautiful. This can be an ugly industry, but it doesn't have to be... Everything is what you make it.

Favorite song at the moment: Favourite song at the moment... well my anthem is Brick House by the Commodores... refer to my name and you'll understand why, haha.

Photos by Shannon McCabe Photography

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