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Model Spotlight - Stephanie Brannigan

For the next few weeks we will be doing model shout outs! Next up we have:


A bit about yourself : My name is Stephanie Brannigan. I am a proud mother of going on 2 kids, I love cats, but only have 2 of them, I love video games (particularly COD, and Skyrim)and I'm badass at both. I love the outdoors (only when there is no snow) and love the beach and swimming! I look forward to seeing what my kids do with their lives, and giving them the best and happiest life possible that I can provide for them.

Where are you from: Born and raised in London, ON

What do you do: I am a full time mommy, part time cashier at food basics, part time model for Exclusive models, along with model and coordinator for Evelynn!

Biggest pet peeve: Hearing people eat, watching people chew with their mouth open.

Favorite candy: Sour cherry blasters!!!

Biggest accomplishment: My beautiful little girl Mckenna!

What is your favorite part about modeling: I absolutely love being on a runway! It gives me a thrill, and I feel so confident when I'm up there.Favorite song at the moment:

Favorite song at the moment:Elastic Heart by Sia. I'm just really in a Sia mood. She's friggen killing it!


Photos by Shannon McCabe Photography

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