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Mother's Day Shout out - Nicolle Lothi

This week on the blog we will be featuring our moms for Mother's Day!

Here's what Nicolle Lothi had to say about her mom:

Favorite memory with your mom:

My favourite memories with my mama have been created when we have traveled together, most recently in Naples, Florida. I love exploring new places with her, eating at new restaurants and especially the times when we go on mommy-daughter dates. The memories we have made are countless and I cherish them dearly.

Favorite thing about her:

Mama knows me so well! That is my favourite thing about her. I think she knows me better than I know myself sometimes. She can sense my tone...even in text messages! She knows when something is wrong and immediately texts, messages or calls me to see how she can help. She is incredibly compassionate and empathetic. Even when there is nothing she can physically do to assist me, she is more than happy to listen and give hugs. She gives great hugs!

Best lesson she ever taught to you:

My mother has taught me to worry less about what people think and simply focus on my goals. I need to do things that make me and my family happy and then other things can be considered.

She has taught me to keep God first in my life and then everything else will fall into place.

Something you would like to tell her:

Mama, I love you. I adore you. I am honoured to be your daughter. You are such a wonderful Nana to my three kiddies and they love you as much as I do. Thank you for being my confidant, my traveling buddy and my friend. This Mother's Day, I celebrate you and I want you to know that you are appreciated. Your kindness, empathetic spirit and Godly lifestyle has set an example for all of your children. My words are not enough to truly express my appreciation for you. I am grateful for all of the lessons you have taught me...the easy lessons but especially the hard ones. I am so glad God chose you to be my mama. I love you Mama! xoxoxo

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