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Mother's Day Shout out - Sara Haney

This week on the blog we will be featuring our moms for Mother's Day!

Here's what Sara Haney had to say about both her moms: Favorite memory with your mom: My Favourite memory with my mom, Kerri, was when we went to see the sound of music in Toronto when I was in grade 10. Such a fun girls day with her and my Nana. My Favourite memory with my almost-mom, Nancy, would be when I lived with them for a month, and I made dinner for just us two, and she asked me for the first time questions about marrying her son. It was a big step.

Favorite thing about her: My favourite thing about my mom is how outgoing she is. She is able to talk to anyone, or make an awkward conversation comfortable. She livens up any room and people love to be around her. My favourite thing about my mother-in-law is that she is so inclusive to everyone she meets. A number of people have stayed at "Hotel Wells" because she loves to host guests, and gives anyone a place to stay.

Best Lesson she ever taught you: The best lesson my mother ever taught me was that dressing up is okay. A lot of people see the industry that I am in and look down on it as superficial. My mother is notoriously fabulously dressed, and isnt ashamed of it, even if she is just going to the grocery store. It helped instill a confidence in me that I carry to this day. The best lesson that Nancy has taught me is that family time is important. Learning that from her not only helped me apply it to my relationship, but also to my own family.

Something you would like to tell her: Something I would like to tell BOTH my moms is that I love them both, and although they are similar in many ways, I love their differences. I get double the love (sometimes tough love), double the advice, and two different perspectives. They are both beautiful inside and out, and I would be so lucky to grow up and be a mother like both of them mixed together.

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