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You Don't Even Kimono!

Kimono's are a must have in your wardrobe! There are so many ways to wear and style them, the options are almost endless. We had our girl Stephanie model them to show you some different ways to wear them, (Photos by Diamond Studios) If you don't already own a 'little black dress' you need to go get one yesterday. Your kimono will complement it like ketchup and mustered. This looks is great for the office - rock it with some heels or cute flats and accessorize with a watch or bangle.

Leggings and kimonos are actually so perfect together. This look can be worn in the early spring and the fall! Pair it with sandals for the warmer weather and boots for the chillier days.

Kimonos and jeans - ripped jeans to be exact - look super rad together. You can tuck a tank into your jeans and throw the kimono on, or get a flowly tank to wear! Either looks great with this combo.

Shorts for summer? duh! This look is great for the warmer days as kimonos are light weight and flowy - you wont over heat and they look so cute with shorts! Try not to wear them with shorts that are to short, otherwise you might not look like you're not wearing any pants from behind.

Another great look is to wear them with your bathing suit! This is perfect for the beach- if you're like me and ate to many tacos (I'll work on by beach bod one day), it helps keep you covered!



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