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Celebrating 4 Years Of Ev

WOAH! 4 years of Evelynn?! Where has the time gone?

A month ago a friend asked how long we have been in business, we told him almost 4 years this summer. He replied with "That's when the magic happens." I thought about this a lot and wow was he ever right! Earlier this year we launched our custom bridesmaids robes, which have taken off like crazy! We also got to co-author a book that is being published in less than a month and we have some BIG news coming soon which we cannot share just yet! It’s wild to think we started Evelynn with only $100 in a living room. We have come so far and continue to grow and reach new goals every year. We have met the most amazing people, and built a mini Evelynn community of incredible models, photographers and customers. Thank you for dreaming, believing and inspiring with us! Here's a look back on the 4 years of Evelynn:

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