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Six Reasons You Should Shop At Evelynn By Nicole Snobelen

EvelynnBNS is a Canadian made clothing line based out of London, ON. Here are some fun facts about us:

1. EvelynnBNS is a social enterprise. When you purchase from us you are supporting our social impact. Did you know we have our very own (soon to be) not-for-profit? Owner and designer, Nicole Snobelen, meets with sick children in the hospital to design their dream dresses or superhero capes, which she then brings to life and gifts to them. It’s called The Abby Fund. Each year EvelynnBNS puts on a fundraising fashion show where local AF recipients can model their very own creations alongside the Ev collection. All money raised from this event is put towards covering costs for fabrics and materials to create these wonderful designs. Pretty cool huh?

2. They keep your money in your own community. EvelynnBNS prides themselves on being 100% Canadian made. All fabrics and materials are sourced within Canada and Nicole herself hand makes everything in the forest city (London, ON). You can feel good about supporting local when you shop with us.

3. Body Positive. Ever notice how most clothing line look books, social media ads or online catalogues only feature young, size 2 models? In the fashion industry if you’re not a sample size model you will “not make the cut.” EvelynnBNS thinks this is not cool. We love supporting and showing off models of all sizes! Real life women who are healthy and beautiful in their own way. We don’t know about you, but when we see a dress on a size 2 model without the option of seeing it on a size 8+ model, we are less likely to purchase it. We know it will never look the same on us as it does on her. In no way are we bashing the beauties on the runway, we just want to provide more size examples – we think it’s important to do so.

4. It’s affordable. You can shop local and support a social impact without feeling bad about spending money on a dress. If you’re like us, the first thing you do when see something you love – you look for the price tag. EvelynnBNS dresses are priced very fare in the industry considering they are handmade in Canada. Cheaper clothing stores like Sirens, Urban Planet etc., are “fast fashion” meaning they are not built to last, which is very bad for our environment. Be smart about your purchases and invest in your style – literally.

5. The clothes actually fit. Hallelujah! All Ev dresses are made from knitwear materials (fabrics that stretch). Rest assured you can eat that dessert after dinner and won’t pop a button. Since the material is so forgiving, it’s also very comfortable to wear. The dresses feature no closures making them easy to put on and take off. The sizes we use to create our dresses are standard clothing sizes and go by small, med, large, etc.!

6. Convenience. Hello, you can literally shop our collection from anywhere as long as you have a WI-FI connection! Praise Jesus. Shopping online is convenient, especially if you’re like us and don’t have time to shop around a mall. And our shipping cost is only $10 no matter how much you purchase!

You learn something new everyday.....

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