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Ev's Local Holiday Gift Guide

Tis' the season, our favourite in fact! Ever since I was a child I loved snow and Christmas time. I loved seeing my family come together, play games, catch up and celebrate the holidays. The cozy sweaters, the yummy treats, holiday music and food....All the food! As I have gotten older, I care a lot less about receiving gifts and more about giving them. I LOVE coming up with unique local gift ideas for the people that I love, and wanted to share some ideas to help you with your shopping! We have broken it down into categories for you. Female gift ideas: (Great for your sister, wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, co-worker) Of course we will start off bias and recommend some Evelynn pieces! 1. Evelynn Scarves - Infinity scarves are such an easy gift for a lady in your life! They're so comfy and cozy. and we have tons of prints to choose from!

2. Letter Peddler board: We just recently picked one of these up, and love it! Great for announcements, inspirational quotes, home decor and all the things word related!​

3. Diamond Studios Boudoir Session: Want your lady friend to feel confident and empowered? Pick up a boudoir gift certificate and be sure to include a makeup application with Tychi Designs.

4. Soft Flirt tee- Get your hands on one of these super cute and super soft t-shirts! She also has home decor!​

5. Wooly Maple hat: Your lady has to stay cozy & warm this winter! Make sure to pick her up a handmade hat.

6. A wallet/clutch from Carla's Creations: So many beautiful prints to choose from!

7. Here For Her clothing: Not only are you supporting local here, but you're also helping end the stigma around women's Health!

8. A gift card from Sugar Bush Spa: They offer a wide variety of sugaring options! Trust me your lady friend will love it!

10. The Tan Bar gift certificate: Hook your lady up with a teeth whitening or spray tan gift card. Also Denise is a hoot, so it comes with entertainment too!

11. A necklace from Evil & Enchanted: So many unique designs!

Male gift ideas: (For the guys, bros, fellas and gangstas in your life) Why are guys always so hard to buy for?! 1. Orgashell Wallet: This is a new up and coming accessory company. They have a line of beautiful wallets.

2. Custom Design from Project Carve: They can make just about anything! All engravings are made to order, so make sure you get your request in on time! They have super cool coasters too.

3. Four Elks clothing- Locally made t-shirts, hats and sweaters for your hunting buds.

4. Illbury + Goose - Lots of great accessories and clothing available for men.​

5. Local Breweries- Some great ones we recommend are: Forked River, Toboggan, Anderson Ales, Railway City, and Storm Stayed! You can grab him beer or some swag!

6. Spruce Moose Bow tie- I mean how friggen adorable are these?

7. 519 Tee or sweater: Support your roots! Lots of styles to choose from,

8. Clothing from Bclutch: Locally designed and created athletic wear for your sporty boys.

9. Mood Candle: You know, so they can set the mood....JK! Lots of lovely scents.

Gift ideas for kids and mamas: 1. Os & Oakes clothing - They create comfortable, unisex, clothing made of high-quality fabrics that both kids and their parents will adore

2. Over from The OVer Company: Shopping for a new mom? Grab her a trendy car seat cover! They can be used multiple ways and are super cute,

3. Baby Bear Boutique headbands: I mean, these are so cute! Prefect for the little fashionista in your life.

4. My Lil Tutu flower crown - so many beautiful crowns, great for Christmas photos, birthday shoots, or playtime!

5. Music Lessons from Miistro: My favourite kind of gifts are activities or experiences! Pick up a gift card for a child to learn how to play an instrument!

6. Zink Made Onesie: So many cute sayings! They also make super cute mom sweaters and tee's too!

6. Bath Bombs from Peachy Clean Soap: They have so many fun themed soaps and bombs! Great idea for both the kiddos and mama bears.

7. Matching Wooly Doodle sweaters: I mean who wouldn't want to match their babe!? So cute and cozy.

8. LivyBean Embroider: Really cute options for custom work!

9. An outfit from Sarah's Cloth and Accessories: Cuteness overload! Be sure to check out all the kids clothing they have available.

Grandparents: 1.Little Lulu Photography Moon Photo: Check out this super cute moon featuring all your favourite pictures! She also does family sessions, cake smash photos and letter photos....pick up a gift card for those!

2. Jewelry from Christina Tishler: Get grandma or nanna stamped on a stainless steel necklace. Or feature their grand children's names!

Animal gift ideas: (for the fur babes!) 1. Matching animal sets: I mean how cute is this!? Comes in two colour combos - White & black or red & black! Yes they were intended for dogs, but matching your cat or bunny is cool too.

2. A SF&Co bow tie or scarf: Lots of cute print and colour options for your furry friends.

3. The Licker Store treats: All natural, organic and gluten free gourmet treats for your dog! They are healthy too!

4. A photo session with Samantha Rose Photography: A photo shoot for their fur babe? YES PLEASE.

Unisex gift ideas: (for everyone!) 1. Gift card for a photo session with The Double Jay Collective: Great gift for literally anyone in your life. They do portraits, lifestyle and couple photography! They also sell prints.

2. Giftii Box - Curated gift boxes for the win! Our girl Katie can create the box of your dreams and is the absolute sweetest! She supports so many local businesses in her boxes and offers free delivery in London. PS: she carries Evelynn scarves too ;)

3. You Adulted Today Mug: Best for those with a sense of humor!​

4. Fritters from The Fritter Shop: Brb mouth is watering. If someone in your life has a sweet tooth, you better hook them up with some fritters! Pick up half a dozen and mix up the flavours.

5. Keep It Colourful Paint Night gift certificate: This is fun for the whole family! Activity or experience gifts are the best.​

6. For The Love Of Laundry Soap: All natural ingredients and it works so well!

7. Custom door mat from Octopus Garden: Oh my goodness, how cool! You can completely personalize the door mat to say whatever you wish!

8. Boss Studio Fitness Training session: We all want to be healthy and happy with our body! Michelle is an amazing coach and trainer.

9. Red Door Candle Studio: Yummy!! These candles are so lovely. Be sure to pick one up!

10.Chocolate from The Turtle Shop: Omg I can't even buy these for a gift because I end up eating them! Sooooooo good! They have several flavours to choose from too.

11. Succulents from Time4Flowers: Easy to maintain succulents and air plants! They make for beautiful decor.

12. Love Me Knots home decor: These little guys are so cute! Perfect for tree ornaments. They also have handmade decor and accessories

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